Developed a ChatGPT based Ai Builder which builds a complete website for you, in less than a minute and provides the code right there, for you to edit and style according to your needs.


On the fly generation based on needs - The Platform which i am envisioning, the user just has to put in text based prompts to build websites. The skill/time required significantly drops. Although at this stage, this comes at a slight disadvantage in terms of the design and functionality. With quickly improving LLM’s this seems to be the most cost efficient way going forward.


I am using the chat mode of gpt-3.5-turbo model for the generation.

I add a predefined system role prompt : {You are a web developer , Write code with descriptive sections, good design , full functionality , vibrant colors. [Logic to separate html , css , js]} with the user request and send the request to OpenAI. Retrieve the response and inject it into an <iframe> to display it.

  • Chat functionality to add, edit, modify the website
  • Implement a Credits based payment system with stripe.
  • Improve the UI for better User Experience.
  • Allow 3 free generations, Implement Rate-limiting.